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About Me

Where am I from?

Born in Red Deer, I was raised in Central Alberta. I lived in Olds, Alberta for my wee life years until I graduated high school. This once small town is my foundation and the people here have molded the person I am today. It was College that brought me back to Red Deer and it is here that (although I have left but always returned) that I now call home.


Masters of Psychotherapy and Spirituality Sp. Art Therapy (2014-Current)
St. Stephens College, Edmonton, AB
• Theories in Art Therapy/Studio Training Group 1
• Introduction to Psychotherapy and Spirituality
• Professional Ethics and Spirituality
• Introduction to Art Therapy: Artful-Spiritual Connection
• Basic Psychotherapy Skills
Bachelors of Arts and Science Degree (2007-2009)
First Major: Fine Arts, Second Major: Psychology
University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB
2 year Fine Arts Diploma (2004-2007)
Red Deer College, Red Deer, AB


2007- Connections: Group exhibition at the Harris Work Gallery in Red Deer, Alberta.


2014- Haunted House Entrance/Exit for Boy’s and Girls Club Annual Fundraiser
2011- Cherry Blossom Tree at PTHealth, Sherwood Park

Current Interests and Inspiration

My current interests and inspiration… Hmm, well, I have several interests and am lucky enough to have many of these be my passions. I am passionate about my education and the path that it’s leading me on. My education and employment have always complemented each other. I have worked with vulnerable populations my entire career and have tailored my education to understanding on a universal level and personal one, who we are and what makes us do what we do. There has always been a general curiosity to know more. My inspirations are people, the arts, and learning. I am easily inspired by everyday simplicities. Naturally, I feel that these are fitting interests forABOUT ME sweetpotatopie.ca Shannon Littke someone currently completing a Masters program in Psychotherapy and Spirituality with a specialization in Art Therapy.

I have always loved the arts and to my benefit, my family has always nurtured this love. I attended Red Deer College where I was pulled towards the painting studio, drawing studio and the ceramic studio. Each of these allowed for endless possibilities. It was in the painting studio that I found lasting inspiration in Sumi­e or Japanese brush paintings. There is a grace to the art and a simplistic line that appreciates shape, context, and texture. Here, I translated this onto large canvas and boards with acrylic medium and texture. Winter’s Night, and Castles are examples of the paintings that came from my experience at Red Deer College.

I consider the bulk of my education at the University of Lethbridge to be in the field of psychology. I was able to grow into my career path and gain experience both in the workplace and in University. I was introduced to Art Therapy and the Alberta Play Therapy Association (APTA) here. I have been involved with the board of APTA ever since and the previous three years as Co­Chair and Chair. From the very beginning these creative therapies held my attention, enough so that I designed one of my courses to allow for a practicum at an assisted living facility in art/recreation therapy. Country Fence was created while facilitating a seniors painting class. I am now a student at St. Stephens College where arts, people and learning have come together once again in my Masters. This program has re­opened my eyes to the power and beauty of expression as well as to the necessity of it. As life is never stagnant, so neither has mine been. These past years have brought some challenges that require a new perspective, as I will have to face them over the long term.

Over the years, I have paid attention to the beauty in our world, and in the people we meet. I am excited to continue my journey inside and outside the studio and to see where the process takes my art and me. I am curious and excited to see how the places, people, and cultures that I have been exposed to will exhibit themselves.

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